GM LS V8 Gen 3 / Gen 4 Blocks, Heads and Parts


Our inventory changes daily as engines come and go!

These are all builders/cores that are inspected and ready to build! These should not be installed without at least replacing wear items.

Shipping costs(lower 48 only): Cylinder head pair: $60 Short blocks: $200-350 depending on zip and commercial or residential.

Short blocks are COMPLETE with rotating assembly unless otherwise noted. Prices on 6.0’s are somewhat flexible, the others are FIRM. I also do not have any car intake manifolds. I do NOT have any LS7 parts.

1. 6.2L L92 Non DOD. VERY minor lifter bore scratches. Nice bores. $1800 FIRM.
2. 6.2L L92 Non DOD. Cyl 8 has some vertical scratches that will need overbore. $1500.
3. 6.2L L92 Non DOD. Two broken pistons but good bores. Has a minor crack along pan surface that could be repaired easily. $1200.
4. 6.0L LZ1 Aluminum 58x VVT. Minor rust stains but should clean up. $1200.
5. 6.0L LZ1 Aluminum 58x VVT. Rust stains that may need overbore. Otherwise nice. $1100
6. 6.0L L76 Aluminum 58x. This is a rough block. Has rust stains, a 3/4″ chip missing from the outermost starter boss, and 2 spun rod bearings. $500.
7. 6.0L LQ9 Iron 24x. Minor rust stains but nice solid short block. SOLD
8. 6.0L LY6 Iron 58x Gen4. No rods or pistons. One spun rod bearing. $550
9. 6.0L LY6 Iron 58x Gen4. Minor rust stains, needs crank polish $650
10. 6.0L LY6 Iron 58x Gen4. Block and crank only, spun main bearings. $500
11. 6.0L LY6 Iron 58x Gen4. Bare block spun cam bearing $500
12. 6.0L LY6 Iron 58x Gen4. Minor rust stains, will need crank polish. $600
13. 6.0L LY6 Iron 58x Gen4. 2 spun rod bearings, will come with 2 replacement rods. $650
14. 6.0L LY6 Iron 58x Gen4. Minor rust in one cyl, wil need crank polish. $600
15. 5.3L LMG Iron Gen4 Block with crank. minor rust stains. $250 (3 in stock)
16. 5.3L LMG Iron Gen4 Bare Block, nice. $200
17. 5.3L LMG Iron Gen4 Bare Block with minor rust stains $150

Cylinder heads:
1. 243 / 799 Cathedral Port Heads. Cleaned. No cracks. No broken manifold bolts. With rockers and stands $425/pair
2. 823 / 821 / 5364 Rectangle Port LS3 style heads. With rockers and stands. No cracks, No broken bolts.  One Pair Left. $800/Pair

Other parts:
1. Gen4 5.3/6.0/6.2 Valve covers. $20 a pair, have a few hundred pairs.
2. Cathedral port rockers and stands. $50 for a full set for 2 heads worth.
3. Gen3 and Gen4 Full size truck oil pans. Fits all LS engines. With windage tray and pickup. $30 each cleaned and ready to install.
4. Gen4 Non VVT Front timing covers with sensors. $45
5. Gen4 Non DOD Valley pan covers, LS3 style. $40
6. Gen4 5.3 Rods and Pistons. Have several sets, both flat top and with valve reliefs. $300/Set of 8. Will not split.
7. Gen4 6.0 Rods and Pistons. Valve reliefs, Dished. $300/Set of 8.
8. Gen4 5.3/6.0 Connecting rods. $100/Set of 8.

Shipping is available on all parts. Missouri residents must pay sales tax or have a valid EIN. To purchase any of the parts listed on this page, please contact us by email at or by phone from 9 AM to 5 PM CT Monday through Friday at (314) 502-3104.