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The very first car we brought to the original Importapart shop

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Since we spend all of our working time taking cars apart, nearly all of us here at Importapart like to put cars back together in our spare time. This 107K mile, rust free ’85 Mazda Rx-7 GS was the very first vehicle we brought into the original Importapart shop back in April of 2007, after rescuing it from a building held up with hydraulic jacks. Light beige on brown, this car SCREAMS early 80’s and I love it! Of course growing up with these in and out of my parents garage, I have to finally do something with it and relive some of those old memories. The original 12A engine is gone, so we’ll be swapping in a different, and era correct power plant that is sure to make rotary owners scratch their chin. I will post updates as progress continues on this car.